Mickey Keating

Who am I

b. 1986, HK.


Since 2015, Mickey Keating, sometimes credited as Bryan, has consistently progressed in the Entertainment industry. When he isn’t happily assisting Executive Producers in film and television or winning game shows hosted by music icon, Snoop Dogg; he’s busy writing horror film scripts, LGBTQ focused novels, and blogging on whatever comes to his mind.

In the pages of his first novel, Paused, we became engulfed in the dysfunctional lives of a group of frenemies battling various addictions. Keating then took his sometimes unpopular opinions blogging about pop culture, lifestyle, and celebrity interviews to mainstream websites such as Instinct Magazine, World of Wonder, Popwrapped, and Andrew Christian. His controversial, yet commanding voice has proved him to be one of the most viewed writers on Instinct Magazine. His creativity didn’t stop there.

Currently, Keating writes horror film scripts in this free time. His first script, Daddy’s Girl, about an emotionally empty father slicing and dicing his once angelic daughter’s new friends, was purchased by Crypt TV, and released in December 2018.

Today, Keating hopes to continue to entertain you and is eager to introduce you to his many more ideations of horror in the future. Stay tuned as his journey continues.